History Meme: Four Pharaohs [2/4] » Ramesses The Great

Ramesses II, son of Seti I, was known for his wars with the Hittites and the extensive building programs he started during his reign of nearly sixty-seven years during Egypt’s 19th Dynasty. After a very fortunate victory over the Hittites in his first battle as Pharaoh, Ramesses II instead worked out a peace treaty between Egypt and the Hittite Empire. Once his empire was at peace, Ramesses II decided to start a huge building campaign, for himself and for his Chief Wife, Nefertari, whom he had poems of love dedicated to, as well as statues and an extensive tomb for the Royal Wife. He constructed the Ramesseum with a massive library, dedicated to glorifying the pharaoh. Nearly every temple in Egypt during his reign was rebuilt or redecorated, and he was known as the Greatest Ruler Egypt had ever seen. At the age of ninety-three, something nearly inhuman during that time, Ramesses II passed away, leaving behind over one hundred children. Ramesses the Great became the legendary figure he set out to be, yet not more than one hundred and fifty years later, the empire of Egypt collapsed. 

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